Advises City Council, City Planning and Zoning Commission, the Park Board and the City Manager relating to the identification, protection, retention and preservation of historic sites in the City of Springfield.  

Appointed by
City Council

Member Terms
3 year(s)

Residency Requirement
2 years

Meeting Time
Every other Wed. 05:30 PM

Meeting Location
City Council Chambers, Historic Ctiy Hall, 830 Boonville Ave.

NameCouncil ZoneTerm Expires
Hawkins, John - Walnut St. Representative 211/01/2022*
Hunton, Layne - Chair 410/01/2021*
Jones, Jamille 111/01/2023*
Kiser, Erik 411/01/2022*
Lenox, Bryan 111/01/2023
Letterman, Adam - Member-At-Large 211/01/2023*
Lewis, Paul - Vice-Chair 111/01/2022
Preston, Jan 211/01/2021*

* Eligible for Reappointment

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