Makes recommendations to the various departments, boards and agencies of the City and to City Council on programs or activities which will improve, preserve and/or protect the natural environment of the community.  

Appointed by
City Council

Member Terms
3 year(s)

Residency Requirement
2 years

Meeting Time
Second Wednesday monthly 07:30 AM

Meeting Location
Environmental Resource Center, 290 East Central

NameCouncil ZoneTerm Expires
Earnhart, Jane - County Representative 003/09/2021*
Garcia, Barbara 210/01/2021
Good, Deborah 410/01/2021
Millsap, Mark 410/01/2024*
Peryer, Krista 210/01/2021*
Pryor, David 410/01/2021*
Schmedeke, Jeffrey 310/01/2022*
Snyder, Angie - Chair 210/01/2022
Vasquez, Marisa - County Representative  07/07/2021*
Vaughan, David - County Representative 003/09/2021
Westerman, Luke - Chair 010/05/2015*

* Eligible for Reappointment

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