Has charge of and operates the City Art Museum for the promotion of aesthetic or artistic education.

Appointed by
City Manager

Member Terms
3 year(s)

Residency Requirement
2 years

Meeting Time
Third Thursday monthly 05:00 PM

Meeting Location
Art Museum Conference room, 1111 E. Brookside Drive.

NameCouncil ZoneTerm Expires
Benson, Tara 406/01/2022*
Brunner, Tiffany - Vice-Chair 206/01/2023*
Edwards, Matthew 206/01/2021*
Holden, Calie 2 
Hom, Cheryl 306/01/2023*
Lee, Alia - Secretary 106/01/2023
Passeri, Linda 106/01/2019*
Rinker, Norene - Secretary 406/01/2021
Schmitt, Jeffrey - Chair 306/01/2021

* Eligible for Reappointment

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