Has the power and duty to take charge of and exercise control over any public utility owned or operated by or hereafter acquired by the City.

Appointed by
Committee of The Whole

Member Terms
3 year(s)

Residency Requirement
Special requirements exist. Contact the City Clerk for details.

Meeting Time
Last Thursday monthly 03:00 PM

Meeting Location
City Utilities Board Room, 301 E. Central

NameCouncil ZoneTerm Expires
Bratcher, Scott 312/01/2024
Carter, Kristin  12/01/2024
Dooley, Steve 312/01/2025*
Edwards, Steven 112/01/2024*
Knauer, Louise 212/01/2022
Lehnert, Dr. Alina 412/01/2024*
Ramsey, Heather 412/01/2023*
Smart, Clifton 212/01/2023*
Stublefield, Matthew 412/01/2024*
Williams, Nancy 212/01/2023
Woody, Donald 212/01/2020

* Eligible for Reappointment

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