Oversees the benefit package, investment portfolio and criteria for granting disabilities. Citizen members will be chosen from the professional community in the areas of law, accounting, financial management, investment management or actuarial analysis.  

Appointed by
City Council

Member Terms
3 years

Residency Requirement

Meeting Time
Second Thursday monthly 08:30 AM

Meeting Location
4th Floor Conference Room, Busch Municipal Building, 840 Boonville

NameCouncil ZoneTerm Expires
Bridges, Mike - Attorney Representative
Cantrell, Ed - Retiree Representative (Non Voting)
Carroll, Paul - Financial Representative
Carter, Adam - City Of Springfield Fire Department, Non-Voting
Fraley, Derek - Financial Representative
Frieze, Jamie - Fire Employee Representative (Non-Voting)
Hoffman, Ron - Retiree Representative
Holtmann, David - Treasurer
Krafve, Gus
Lear, Andrew - City Council Representative (Non-Voting)
Manley, Janell - Administrative Director (Non-Voting)
Martin Hinds, Nancy - Medical Representative
Milam, Justin - Actuarial Representative
Walker, Marcus
Welsh, Chris
White, Nikki - Secretary (Non-Voting)
Willoh, Don - Non-Voting

* Eligible for Reappointment