The City-appointed members meet with representatives from the County Board for the purpose of equalizing assessment of property within the City.  

Appointed by
City Council

Member Terms
3 year(s)

Residency Requirement
5 years

Meeting Time
Second Tuesday monthly 09:00 AM

Meeting Location
Greene County Historic Courthouse, Room 113, 940 Boonville Ave.

NameCouncil ZoneTerm Expires
Costello, Joe 004/01/2019
Cullers, Mary 204/01/2021*
Foster, Lyle - Chair 104/01/2022
Mitchell, Shana 204/01/2021*
Pinkham-Martin, Courtney 104/01/2026*
Reynolds, Ken 007/26/2019
Truitt, Jim - County Representative 004/04/2017
Twitty, Jean 007/07/2019*

* Eligible for Reappointment

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